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With its all-metal design and powerful yet quiet motor, the KitchenAid Heavy Duty Mixer Red is reliable, durable and efficient. It makes light yet quiet work of large batches and its unique planetary mixing action ensures all areas of the bowl are reached. As with every KitchenAid stand mixer, the KitchenAid Heavy Duty Mixer also features a direct drive motor. This ensures that minimal power is lost between your power supply to the end KitchenAid attachment, leaving the KitchenAid mixer as one of our most efficient, economical, powerful and quiet food mixers. Equipped with a pouring shield, power hub for attachments such as the KitchenAid pasta maker and 500W motor with metal gears, this mixer is strong enough to process large amounts of food whilst keeping noise levels low. This Heavy Duty KitchenAid mixer can for instance process 19 egg whites, 1.9Ltr whipped cream, 4.5kg cake mix, 3.8kg dough and 3.6kg mashed potato in one sitting, whilst its bowl lift design also ensures easy access to both bowl and accessories.

Product features

  • Capacity 6.9Ltr
  • Dimensions 417(H) x 287(W) x 371(D)mm
  • Power Type 500W. 4.3A
  • Speed 40 - 200 rpm
  • Supplier Model Number 5KSM7591R
  • Voltage 230V
  • Weight 12.2kg
  • Supplied with stainless steel wire whisk, nylon coated flat beater and dough hook
  • Heavy duty 500W motor with Direct Drive transmission
  • Supplied with 6.9Ltr stainless steel bowl with J handle which stacks when not in use
  • 1-piece pouring shield for easy adding of ingredients
  • Single attachment hub
  • Hand operated bowl lift
  • Machined metal control knobs


Available in: WHITE - RED - SILVER

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